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U.S. re-imposes 10% tariff on Canadian aluminum, Ottawa retaliates. Canada will impose surtaxes against imports of aluminum and aluminum-containing products from the U.S.

Ottawa won't intervene to end labour stoppage at Port of Montreal. Government will monitor the situation and look into how to support the ongoing mediation efforts.

Tribunal finds dumping of non-structural plywood from China injures Canadian industry. Provisional duties could soon apply to decorative and other non-structural plywood from China.

CBSA issues revised decisions on oil country tubular goods and hot-rolled carbon steel plate. The reviews are the result of recommendations and rulings from the World Trade Organisation.

Relocation of CBSA Office in Yarmouth, N.S. Customs Notice 20-27 advises that this office moved to a new loaction

Revisions to CBSA Courier imports remission memorandum. Memorandum D8-2-16 outlines the conditions under which a remission order may be granted on certain goods imported into Canada by courier services

CFIA update on unrequested packages of seeds. To date, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has received reports from more than 750 individuals across all Canadian provinces who have received unrequested packages of unknown seeds

Export requirements for meat and non-live fish and seafood to China. At the request of China, CFIA has developed a process to suspend the issuance of export certificates when an outbreak of COVID-19 occurs at establishments which export refrigerated and frozen meat and non-live fish and seafood to China

Export (fish and seafood) to Panama at commercial risk. At the request of Panama, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has updated the Food Export Requirements Library to include the export of fish and seafood products to Panama at commercial risk


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