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Tribunal maintains injury finding on carbon and alloy steel line pipe from China. The Trade Tribunal says resumption of dumping would result in injury to Canadian industry

The Canada Border Services Agency updates its verification targets. Commodities are targeted for verification of origin, tariff classification and value for duty

CBSA prolongs the reinvestigation of values of refined sugar from several countries. The Agency needs an extra 45 days due to the complexity and novelty of the issues

Supply chain disruptions cut into global air cargo growth. IATA says global demand was up 3.7% in November, significantly lower than the 8.2% growth seen in October

Tariff Classification of Certain Flat Water Sprint Racing Canoes and Kayaks Under Tariff Item 8903.99.10. Memorandum D10-14-54 has been revised  to clarify policy on the application of tariff item 8903.99.10 for the importation of racing shells used for training purposes and the use of canoes and kayaks in racing events

Tariff Classification of Goods. Memorandum D10-13-1 was updated  to reflect updated contact information and to amend typographical errors

New digital requirements for Canadian commercial animal and food products exported to the European Union. Effective January 15, 2022, the EU will require industry to use updated export certificates to maintain market access due to the Animal Health Law that came into force in the spring 2021

Message to Industry: Barley Products Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) - Extension period ended


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